Rimli Sengupta

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The advent of the DNA microarray technology has brought with it the exciting possibility of simultaneously observing the expression levels of all genes in an organism. One such microarray technology, called "oligo arrays," manufactures short single strands of DNA (called probes) onto a glass surface using photolithography. An altered or missed step in such(More)
In this paper we derive a method for evaluating and improving techniques for selecting informative genes from microarray data. Genes of interest are typically selected by ranking genes according to a test-statistic and then choosing the top k genes. A problem with this approach is that many of these genes are highly correlated. For classification purposes(More)
We evaluate several routing protocols for mobile, wireless , ad hoc networks via packet level simulations. The protocol suite includes routing protocols specifically designed for ad hoc routing, as well as more traditional protocols, such as link state and distance vector, used for dynamic networks. Performance is evaluated with respect to fraction of(More)
Cancellations are known to be helpful in eecient algebraic computation of polynomials over elds. We deene a notion of cancellation in Boolean circuits and deene Boolean circuits that do not use cancellation to be non-cancellative. Non-cancellative Boolean circuits are a natural generalization of monotone Boolean circuits. We show that in the absence of(More)
We demonstrate a symbiosis of multimedia materials and human interaction. Every first-year student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology takes CS 100. This course is a lo-week introduction to programming and problem solving. Each week, students experience a 50-minute lecture and a 160-minute closed laboratory. The lab itself is delivered electronically:(More)
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