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The objective of this study was to investigate distribution of stresses in the human TMJ discs, generated during clenching into various occlusal positions. The work presents a biomechanical finite element model of interaction of mandibular and maxillary dental arches and the TMJ discs of a particular person, based on real geometrical data obtained from(More)
The objective of this study was to create a three-dimensional mathematical model of a human masticatory system, including the mandible, the dentition and the temporomandibular joints. Object of research was one 20 year old dead man. The research was approved by Committee of bioethics (Kaunas University of Medicine). Required extent of computed tomography(More)
Microorganisms of the patient's oral cavity and his/her blood and saliva may cause different air-borne and blood-borne infectious diseases among odontologists and their assistants who work with patients. Quantitative analysis and spatial distribution analysis of the environmental spread of oral liquid and cooling liquid mixture were performed during this(More)
The polyrotaxane formation approach was evaluated for synthesis of continuous beds for capillary electrochromatography. This approach has the advantage of generating diverse electroosmotic and chromatographic properties without chemical reactions. The polyrotaxane derivatized continuous beds were formed adding the macrocyclic compounds to the solution of(More)
THE OBJECTIVE The objective of this work is to prove that oral cavity fluids diffuse into alginate mass of impressions. In addition, the information is presented on the subject that disinfectants used for alginate impressions disinfection not only diffuse into alginate mass but penetrate deeper than oral cavity fluids. MATERIALS AND METHODS OF THE STUDY(More)
G. Pileičikienė*, A. Šurna**, G. Skirbutis***, R. Barauskas****, R. Šurna***** *Kaunas University of Medicine, Sukilėlių 51, 50106 Kaunas, Lithuania, E-mail g.pileicikiene@gmail.com **Kaunas University of Medicine, Sukilėlių 51, 50106 Kaunas, Lithuania, E-mail: surna@dent.kmu.lt ***Kaunas University of Medicine, Sukilėlių 51, 50106 Kaunas, Lithuania,(More)
Microwave heating is well known for more than sixty years [1], [2]. Nowadays it is widely used in science and technologies for fast increasing of temperature of various objects and materials with significant dielectric dissipation factor. This method can be used for developing of new materials, e.g. sintering of ceramics [3]. But the widest field of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the simulation was to find the forcing laws, which provide the close-to reality mastication motions of the components of the system and to investigate the contact zones, interaction forces and their action points as they vary in time. The loss of one or few elements of the mastication system can be restored without significant(More)
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