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Data concerning HCV infection in Central Brazil are rare. Upon testing 2,350 voluntary blood donors from this region, we found anti-HCV prevalence rates of 2.2% by a second generation ELISA and 1.4% after confirmation by a line immunoassay. Antibodies against core, NS4, and NS5 antigens of HCV were detected in 81.8%, 72.7%, and 57.5%, respectively, of the(More)
BACKGROUND In hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), survival can be predicted on the basis of the severity of fibrosis in surgical lung biopsy, but few data are available on the influence of clinical, functional, tomographic and histologic findings on prognosis. OBJECTIVES To describe the impact on survival of clinical data, histological patterns, and HRCT(More)
Most cases of acute acquired toxoplasmosis (AAT) are oligosymptomatic and self-limited. Therefore, these infections rarely indicate treatment. Prospective studies of AAT patients are rare in the medical literature. The frequency of systemic manifestations has not been sufficiently studied. In order to search for risks factors for systemic and ocular(More)
Interstitial lung diseases (ILDs) are heterogeneous disorders, involving a large number of conditions, the approach to which continues to pose an enormous challenge for pulmonologists. The 2012 Brazilian Thoracic Association ILD Guidelines were established in order to provide Brazilian pulmonologists with an instrument that can facilitate the management of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM PaO2 during exertion is a significant predictor of IPF survival. The aim of study was to assess oxygen desaturation for predicting survival in IPF patients at the end of a 4-minute step test. METHODS A longitudinal study was done in 59 patients with IPF from February 1998 to January 2005. Upon initial examination, lung function testing(More)
BACKGROUND In sarcoidosis, clinical presentations and outcomes vary widely. OBJECTIVE To characterize the clinical phenotypes of sarcoidosis, by factor analysis, in a series of cases with long-term follow-up. METHODS We conducted a retrospective study involving 137 patients with biopsy-confirmed sarcoidosis, recruited from two referral centers in São(More)
PURPOSE To create an animal model of extensive longitudinal tracheal stenosis (TS) that can be useful to test different surgical techniques of tracheal reconstruction. METHODS Twenty male mongrel dogs were submitted to standard TS and randomly distributed to observation for 3 weeks (n=10) or 6 weeks (n=10). Under general anesthesia, an elliptical area(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare the survival of patients with IPF treated retrospectively with corticosteroids alone, to survival of patients treated with immunosuppressive and corticosteroids combined. DESIGN Non-randomized retrospective cohort study. SETTING Three tertiary centers in Brazil. PATIENTS Eighty-two IPF patients were included. The diagnosis(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the frequency of and the factors related to delayed diagnosis of sarcoidosis in Brazil. METHODS We evaluated patients with a biopsy-proven diagnosis of sarcoidosis, using a questionnaire that addressed the following: time since symptom onset and since the first medical visit; and the number and specialty of the physicians visited.(More)
We hereby report two patients with parathyroid carcinoma presenting extremely high calcium and PTH levels, severe bone disease, and palpable neck mass at diagnosis. They both underwent parathyroidectomy, and one of them evolved to lung metastasis. Important hypocalcemia was observed after surgery in both: after parathyroidectomy in one patient, and only(More)