Rimantas Brucas

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We present an electrical sensor that uses rolling circle amplification (RCA) of DNA to stretch across the gap between two electrodes, interact with metal nanoparticle seeds to generate an electrically conductive nanowire, and produce electrical signals upon detection of specific target DNA sequences. RCA is a highly specific molecular detection mechanism(More)
We have studied alloying of the nonmagnetic spacer layer with a magnetic material as a method of tuning the interlayer coupling in magnetic multilayers. We have specifically studied the Fe/V(100) system by alloying the spacer V with various amounts of Fe. For some Fe concentrations in the spacer, it is possible to create a competition between(More)
We studied superconducting V layers deposited on an antiferromagnetically coupled [Fe(2)V(11)](20) superlattice. The parallel upper critical magnetic field exhibits an anomalous T dependence up to the ferromagnetic saturation field of the superlattice, indicating that the superconducting transition temperature T(S) decreases when rotating the relative(More)
A lab-on-a-chip traveling wave magnetophoresis approach for sensitive and rapid protein detection is reported. In this method, a chip-based magnetic microarray comprising lines of micrometer-sized thin film magnetic elements was used to control the movement of magnetic beads (MBs). The MBs and the chip were functionalized, forming a sandwich-type assay. The(More)
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