Rima Abi Fadel

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One hundred eighty-one dissected hands were examined to study the pattern of extensor tendons on the dorsum of the hand. Extensor digitorum often had multiple tendons for the middle and ring fingers. Its contribution to the little finger was usually by a bifurcating tendon common with that of the ring finger. The index finger always received a single(More)
The nephrotoxicity of low-dose methotrexate (MTX) and the rescue effect of leucovorin were studied by electron-microscopic examination of the kidney of guinea pigs. One group received MTX as a single weekly dose of 10 mg/kg, i.p.; a second group received a similar dose divided into three equal fractions. The third group received MTX rescued with an equal(More)
The direct effects of ethanol and caffeine on embryogenesis were investigated using the whole rat embryo culture system. Compared to control embryos, the crown-rump length, number of somites, branchial bars, and morphological score were significantly reduced in embryos exposed to ethanol, caffeine, or both substances. Development of the craniofacial region,(More)
The upper limbs of 72 formalin-fixed human cadavers were examined by dissection for arterial anomalies. In one subject, the ulnar artery was noted to be a branch of the second part of the axillary artery on both right and left sides. It ran a superficial course in the arm, crossed the elbow immediately subjacent to the median cubital vein, and continued its(More)
There are few studies that have addressed the effects of prenatal exposure of topiramate on ossification of the bones derived from the paraxial mesoderm. This study aimed to evaluate skeletal ossification of ribs and vertebrae in 20-day-old rat fetuses after maternal exposure to two therapeutic doses of topiramate. Three groups of Sprague-Dawley pregnant(More)
The embryopathic effects of alcohol have been widely studied in humans and laboratory animals. However, the role of risk factors remains largely unknown. Whereas skeletal abnormalities are often present in the offspring of alcoholic mothers, these have not been fully documented. This report is concerned specifically with the development of the vertebral(More)