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This paper presents a high efficiency class-E power amplifier (PA) suitable for wireless transmitters operating at 2 GHz. Compact impedance transformation network is designed, using micro-strip transmission lines, so that it simultaneously achieves fundamental load transformation and harmonic impedance control using only two open-circuit stubs (2fo, 3fo).(More)
A design-oriented analysis of microwave transmission-line class-E and class-F amplifiers is presented in this paper. Multiharmonic transmission-line load networks are analyzed and compared in terms of harmonic suppression and their effects on output power and efficiency. Based on this study, a design of highly efficient monolithic-microwave(More)
This paper presents a design-oriented analysis of two lumped-element load-coupling topologies, which can be used to approximate class-E switching conditions. The presented output circuits are compared theoretically and experimentally with respect to harmonic termination and component values. Using a commercial BiCMOS process, two monolithic integrated(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to design and optimize the footprint of miniaturized 3-dB branch-line hybrid couplers, which consists of high-impedance transmission lines and distributed capacitors. To minimize the physical size of the coupler, the distributed capacitors are placed within the empty space of the hybrid. The proposed design methodology(More)
This paper reports a novel voltage and current waveform measurement system suitable for large-signal transistor and power amplifier characterization and optimization. This technique is original in its use of a double six-port (SP) reflectometer as a homodyne vector network analyzer, which is calibrated in magnitude and phase by means of a reference(More)
In this paper a new method to generate a high resolution Ka-band frequency synthesizer is presented. Using a DDS (direct digital synthesizer) as a central oscillator followed by a chain of precisely designed multipliers, a very high resolution and fast switching time Ka-band synthesizer with acceptable phase noise is achieved. The output power of Ka-band(More)
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