Rim Chaabane

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Visualizing an execution trace of an object-oriented system as sequence diagrams is effective to understand the behavior of the system. However, sequence diagrams extracted from an execution trace are too large for developers to inspect since a trace involves a large number of objects and method calls. To support developers to understand extracted sequence(More)
Pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy (PDE) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by seizures and therapeutic response to pharmacological dose of pyridoxine. Mutations in the ALDH7A1 gene, encoding α-aminoadipic semialdehyde (α-AASA) dehydrogenase (antiquitin), have been reported to cause PDE in most patients. In this study molecular analysis of(More)
This study aimed to investigate the antioxidant properties of different fractions obtained from the fruits of Lawsonia inermis, a widely used medicinal plant, against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-induced oxidative stress in rat liver. The results show that several fractions obtained from L. inermis fruits possessed important antioxidant activity. Among them,(More)
This paper is on a project to evaluate the impact of visualizing dynamic data dependences in the context of maintenance activities. Our work is based on previous work in displaying static data dependences and on experience with large sets of dependence displaying strategies that we adapted to deal with problems where dynamic information is crucial. We(More)
Gonadic deficiency and corticotherapy are important risk factors in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis. This study was outlined to assess the effects of combined orchidectomy (ORX) and corticosteroid (cortisol; CS) administration on bone remodeling and metabolism. Twenty-week-old male Swiss mice were randomized into four groups: either sham operated (sham),(More)
Air pollution is a threat for human health and wildlife. The aim of this study is to assess the pathophysiological changes and the oxidative-antioxidative status in testicular tissues of 40 Hybrid sparrows collected from four areas in Gabès city, one of the most polluted areas in Tunisia. The testis histopathological analysis revealed alterations in birds(More)
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