Rim Bouhouch

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FlexRay is a vehicular communication protocol designed by the FlexRay Consortium since 2000 to meet growing requirements in hard real time automotive systems and to support Time Triggered as well as Event Triggered paradigms. FlexRay is designed to be faster and more reliable than the Controller Area Network (CAN) and The Time Triggered Protocol (TTP) in(More)
FlexRay networks is known as one of the newest x-by wire communication systems [1] thanks to its several features such as flexibility, fault-tolerance, determinism and high-speed. It is known for their speed and performance insuring communication over a shared medium since it offers reliable and real-time capable high-speed data transmission between(More)
Due to the search for improving vehicle safety, security and reliability, the challenges in the automotive sector have continued to increase in order to confront these requirements. In this context, we have implemented a vehicle Simulink blockset model. The proposed blockset corresponds to the Society of Automotive Engineers SAE benchmark model which is(More)
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