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We present Sunlight, a system that detects the causes of targeting phenomena on the web -- such as personalized advertisements, recommendations, or content -- at large scale and with solid statistical confidence. Today's web is growing increasingly complex and impenetrable as myriad of services collect, analyze, use, and exchange users' personal(More)
Today’s Web services – such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook – leverage user data for varied purposes, including personalizing recommendations, targeting advertisements, and adjusting prices. At present, users have little insight into how their data is being used. Hence, they cannot make informed choices about the services they choose. To increase(More)
Support for fine-grained data management has all but disappeared from modern operating systems such as Android and iOS. Instead, we must rely on each individual application to manage our data properly – e.g., to delete our emails, documents, and photos in full upon request; to not collect more data than required for its function; and to back up our data to(More)
Network vulnerability is a critical component of network security. Yet vulnerability analysis has received relatively little attention from the security visualization community. This paper describes nv, a web-based Nessus vulnerability visualization. Nv utilizes treemaps and linked histograms to allow security analysts and systems administrators to(More)
Protecting vast quantities of data poses a daunting challenge for the growing number of organizations that collect, stockpile, and monetize it. The ability to distinguish data that is actually needed from data collected "just in case" would help these organizations to limit the latter's exposure to attack. A natural approach might be to(More)
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