Rildo Moreira e Moreira

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Eucalyptus grandis (W. Hill ex Maiden) leaf traits and tree growth were studied over 3 years after the establishment of two adjacent complete randomized block designs in southern Brazil. In a nitrogen (N) input experiment, a treatment with the application of 120 kg N ha(-1) was compared to a control treatment without N addition, and in a potassium (K) input(More)
Nutrient remobilizations in tree ligneous components have been little studied in tropical forests. A complete randomized block design was installed in Brazilian eucalypt plantations to quantify the remobilizations of phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and sodium (Na) within stem wood. Three treatments were studied: control with(More)
Introducing N-fixing species in the understorey of fast-growing plantations might be an attractive option to improve soil N status. Intensive fine root sampling was performed in a complete randomized block design to investigate the ability of Eucalyptus grandis and Acacia mangium seedlings in monospecific stands and mixed-species plantations to take up(More)
Eucalypt species are widely used around the world due to their high productivity; however there are some concerns about the invasiveness capacity of eucalypts. We assessed old seed production areas of commercial eucalypt species thought of being at risk of invasion in two places in Southeastern Brazil (Anhembi: lat: 22°28′S; long: 48°04′W; and Itatinga lat:(More)
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