Rikuhei Ueda

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This paper proposes Reduction to Uniprocessor Transformation (RUNT), which is an optimal multiprocessor real-time scheduling algorithm based on RUN with Real-Time Static Voltage and Frequency Scaling, called S-RUNT, and Real-Time Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling, called D-RUNT. D-RUNT uses Enhanced Cycle-Conserving Earliest Deadline First to make use(More)
This paper evaluates the performance of Reduction to Uniprocessor Transformation (RUNT) with Voltage and Frequency Scaling, called Static RUNT (S-RUNT) and Dynamic RUNT (D-RUNT), respectively. Simulation results show that how to assign tasks to servers in RUNT influences energy consumption and the worst-fit heuristic is the best in many cases. In addition,(More)
We have proposed the real-time QMDP method for decision making of a robot under uncertain state recognition. This method evaluates every action and chooses the best one with a particle filter for estimation and a state-value function of dynamic programming. Different from our past work, this paper applies it to a complicated decision making task that yields(More)
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