Riku Luostarinen

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A popular technology area quickly gains competing solutions to solve the same goal. Examples include file systems and storage, and communication technologies. All competing solutions typically introduce their own specific functionality, programming models and APIs; this generally forces application programmers to choose a specific solution and build the(More)
Remote software usability testing has been studied for over two decades. Yet, many of the existing testing methods are not ideal for field testing in challenging environments typical to military and emergency operations and contexts. In this paper we introduce a model and a messaging framework that allow remote usability tests to be run easily in the real(More)
Mobile short data services are commonly available on most mobile communication devices, but are mostly used for plain text messaging. In this paper we investigate the use of different mobile services for use with unified messaging platform. The services analyzed are the ubiquitous GSM/UMTS branch cellular mobile network, TETRA professional mobile radio(More)
We are surrounded by different smart networked embedded devices that are running software dedicated to specific tasks. Many of these devices have no displays or user interfaces. To control and configure these devices remotely over network, instead of running factory-set static settings, devices need to be able to publish their parameters to a remote user(More)
Disruption-Tolerant Networking (DTN) is the technological tool for operating in networks that while performant are intermittently available and may lack end-to-end connectivity. Routing in DTN networks is an open research problem and there has been interest in tying DTN resiliency to Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET) performance. Using the Multi Interface(More)
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