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—In this letter, we consider a two-way relay channel (TWRC) with two end nodes and k relay nodes, where end nodes have the full channel-state information (CSI) and relay nodes only have the channel-amplitude information (CAI). With the objective of minimizing transmit power consumption at required end-to-end rates, energy-efficient relay selection (RS) and(More)
The purpose of this thesis is to examine how load balancing with Base Station initiated directed handovers could be conducted in Mobile WiMAX and the potential it has to enhance Resource Utilization and QoS system wide. An additional goal of the thesis is also to conduct preliminary research on how guard bands for rescue handovers could be used in Mobile(More)
—The complexity of a signal defines the compress-ibility of its coefficients under appropriate basis. This relation complexity-compressibility suggests a connection between the functions used to measure both of the signal's properties. A measure of entropy quantifies the degree of complexity of a signal. In a analogous way, a measure of (non-strict)(More)