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Runaway adolescents engage in high rates of substance use and report significant family and individual problems. However, in general, adolescents report low motivation to change their substance use. Because a higher level of motivation for changing substance use is associated with greater substance abuse treatment success, identifying variables associated(More)
OBJECTIVE The study's objective was to identify correlates of depressive symptoms among at-risk youth in an urban emergency department (ED). METHOD A systematic sample of adolescents (ages 14-18) in the ED were recruited as part of a larger study. Participants reporting past-year alcohol use and peer aggression self-administered a survey assessing:(More)
Men and women involved in transactional sex (TS) report increased rates of HIV risk behaviors and substance use problems as compared with the general population. When people engaged in TS seek health care, they may be more likely to utilize the emergency department (ED) rather than primary care services. Our goal was to examine the prevalence and correlates(More)
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