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— In this paper authors describe the Curvelet representation of image (object) with dominant angular subbands in Curvelet domain and analyse about the energy distribution for each subbands at different angles. Curvelet transform is localized not only in position (the spatial domain) and scale (the frequency domain), but also in orientation. Here energy of(More)
Satellites are specifically made for telecommunication purpose. In satellite systems, On-Board communication is a one of the key aspect in which transfer of digital data (high speed high volume data) & TM-TC (Tele command or Telemetry, low volume low speed data) is taking place. Data communication among satellite systems also known as Inter-Satellite(More)
This paper provides performance evaluation of PL330 DMA in Zynq SoC based device. Direct Memory Access is the feature that allows computer hardware to access system memory for data movement in bulk without CPU intervention. The I/O devices operate at a slower speed than CPU, but using DMA the CPU can be available for performing other computing tasks while(More)
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