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This study explores some problems to analyze time-course gene expression data by state-space models (SSMs). One problem is regarding the methods of parameter estimation and determination of the dimension of the internal state variable. Although several methods have been applied, there are few literature studies which with to compare them. Thus, this paper(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for avoiding digressions in discussion by detecting unnecessary utterances and having a dialogue system intervene. The detector is based on the features using word frequency and topic shifts. The performance (i.e. accuracy, recall, precision, and F-measure) of the unnecessary utterance detector is evaluated through(More)
This paper proposes a simulation-based environmental learning support system, based on Kinect sensors, which is currently under development. Our system animates paleontological animals and their habitats on a display in synchronization with learners' actions, immersing learners in a real-life paleontological environment. We evaluated the system by recording(More)
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