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Counting Chickens When They Hatch: The Short-Term Effect of Aid on Growth
Past research on aid and growth is flawed because it typically examines the impact of aggregate aid on growth over a short period, usually four years, while significant portions of aid are unlikelyExpand
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Counting Chickens When They Hatch: Timing and the Effects of Aid on Growth
Recent research yields widely divergent estimates of the cross‐country relationship between foreign aid receipts and economic growth. We re‐analyse data from the three most influential publishedExpand
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Do Electoral Quotas 'Work' After They Are Withdrawn? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in India
Do electoral quotas for women alter women's chances of winning elections after they are withdrawn? I answer this question by examining an unusual natural experiment in India in which randomly chosenExpand
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The Missing Globalization Puzzle
The failure of declining trade-related costs to be reflected in estimates of the standard gravity model of bilateral trade might be called the "missing globalization puzzle." This puzzle is mostExpand
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Using Asset Disclosures to Study Politicians' Rents: An Application to India
Public asset disclosures, mandated of a third of the world’s national legislators, may be used to study the gains to office and corruption among politicians.I conduct such an exercise here, usingExpand
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Oil Windfalls and the Political Resource Curse : Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Brazil ∗
Do natural resource windfalls affect democratic outcomes? We argue that the effect of such revenues on democratic outcomes is conditioned by the strength of political institutions. Where institutionsExpand
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The Effects of Weather-Induced Migration on Sons of the Soil Riots in India
Migration is thought to cause sons of the soil conflict, particularly if natives tend to be unemployed. Using data from India, the authors investigate the causal effect of domestic migration on riotsExpand
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Local Embeddedness and Bureaucratic Performance: Evidence from India
While locally embedded bureaucrats may be more willing and able to enhance public goods provisioning in the places that they serve, they may also be more likely to be captured by elite interests. WeExpand
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Trade Shocks, Mass Mobilization and Decolonization: Evidence from India's Independence Struggle
A key challenge for development lies in generating broad coalitions in favor of reforms that span economic and ethnic divisions. The mobilization of India’s remarkably diverse population in favour ofExpand
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Can Government-Controlled Media Cause Social Change? Television and Fertility in India
Does exposure to government-controlled media shape social attitudes and behaviors? Governments routinely enlist public broadcasting to advance progressive social change. However, the efficacy ofExpand
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