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Several B-ring variations of O-methyl androbiphenyline (8), newly accessible from (-)-(M,7S)-colchicine via photooxygenation and subsequent endoperoxide-transformation, were synthesized and evaluated for their inhibitory effects on tubulin assembly in vitro. The amino-allocolchicinoid (9), a key compound in this study, was transformed to the highly potent(More)
— This paper presents a digital engineering library – the Digital Mechanism and Gear Library, DMG-Lib – providing a multimedia collection of e-books, pictures, videos and animations in the domain of mechanisms and machines. The specific characteristic about DMG-Lib is the enrichment and cross-linking of the different sources. DMG-Lib e-books not only(More)
We are presenting a digital engineering library – the Digital Mechanism and Gear Library (DMG-Lib). The existing worldwide knowledge in form of books, drawings, physical models etc. is mostly scattered, difficult to access and does not comply with today’s requirements concerning a rapid information retrieval. Therefore the development of a digital,(More)
Photooxygenation of the helimeric mixture of (-)-(M,7S)/(P,7S)-isocolchicine (6) with the superdienophile singlet oxygen has been studied. Cycloaddition occurred with high regioselectivity at the 7a,11-positions of the alkaloid and predominantly at the diene face anti to the amidic substituent at the stereogenic center C-7, leading to two endoperoxides 7(More)