Rikard Larsson

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Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds are an important class of molecules that are commonly used for the synthesis of candidate drugs. Phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase-α (PIP5Kα) is a lipid kinase, similar to PI3K. However, the role of PIP5K1α in oncogenic processes and the development of inhibitors that selectively target PIP5K1α have not(More)
The purpose with this paper is to highlight the comparative advantages of using case study research to contribute to the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) field and provide some recommendations how this can be done well. Based on three reviews of the case study methodological literature, influential M&A case studies, and the methodological case survey of 55(More)
Carbohydrate-lectin interactions were probed with dynamic combinatorial libraries, using the plant lectin Concanavalin A as target species. The dynamic combinatorial libraries were generated from a pool of thiol components through reversible thiol-disulfide interchange, and screened using a simple and efficient method based on a quartz crystal microbalance(More)
Failure in sheet metal structures of ductile material is usually caused by one of, or a combination of, ductile fracture, shear fracture or localised instability. In this paper the failure of the high strength steel Docol 600DP and the ultra high strength steel Docol 1200M is explored. The constitutive model used in this study includes plastic anisotropy(More)
In this paper, the micro-polar theory is used to develop a numerical model for the prediction of the behavior of the material in the vicinity of the microsystem interconnection interface as well within the interface. This model, as compared with the classical continuum theory, can offer the possibility to include the size-effect for the simulation and(More)
Anisotropic conductive adhesives (ACAs) are widely used in microsystem packaging as interconnection materials, and many studies have been done about their electrical features, but limited works have been done on the mechanical properties with respect to the overall reliability of the packaging, and even less attention is paid to the micro-scale constituents(More)
Introduction The development of electronic information systems and tools will create a demand for new services as well as opportunities for new business areas in the future society. This society, including all the inhabitants, the industries, the service branch and the trade and market organisations , will find it evident to make use of the digital(More)
Four novel proteins (phoratoxins C–F) have been isolated from the North American mistletoe Phoradendron tomentosum. The amino acid sequences of these phoratoxins were determined unambiguously using a combination of Edman degradation and trypsin enzymatic digestion, and by electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry sequencing. Phoratoxins C, E and F(More)