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Recently, glial cytoplasmic inclusion (GCI) has been demonstrated to be argyrophilic cytoplasmic body by silver staining in the oligodendroglia of patients with multiple system atrophy. We observed such GCIs in all 20 cases of multiple system atrophy. No GCI was noticed in all 6 cases of hereditary spinocerebellar degenerations. Immunohistochemically, GCI(More)
The electrical conductivity of mixed-valence [MoMoO54(SO3)2]6- tetraalkylammonium salts was investigated through dependence on the inter-cluster distance that is controlled by tetraethylammonium, tetrapropylammonium, and tetrabutylammonium cations. The crystallographic analysis of single crystals revealed that the inter-cluster distances are dependent on(More)
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