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The fractal dimension is a global measure of complexity and is useful for quantifying anatomical structures, including the retinal vascular network. A previous study found a linear declining trend with aging on the retinal vascular fractal dimension (DF); however, it was limited to the older population (49 years and older). This study aimed to investigate(More)
The purpose of this study is to determine whether the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) gene polymorphism is associated with retinal arteriolar narrowing, a subclinical marker of chronic hypertension. The Funagata Study examined a population-based sample of Japanese aged 35+ years; 368 participants had both retinal vessel diameter measurements and ACE(More)
The Sokal and Hasford scores were developed in the chemotherapy and interferon era and are widely used as prognostic indicators in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Recently, a new European Treatment and Outcome Study (EUTOS) scoring system was developed. We performed a multicenter retrospective study to validate the effectiveness of each of the(More)
1) Vascular perfusion of the isolated head of the carp was carried out with physiological saline. Respiratory movement of the grill covers and respiratory discharges of cranial motor nerves were recorded in the preparation. 2) Blood vascular vessels supply the brain were anatomically investigated. Concentrations (electrolytes, O2, CO2, and glucose) and(More)
1. The breathing rhythm-generation mechanism was studied throughout the entire body of the adult lamperey, Entosphenus japonicus, with the body fixed by a specially-designed holder. 2. After brain-stem transection, the rostral part (pontine area) and the caudal part of the medulla (Fig. 2) were found not essential for the generation of respiratory rhythm:(More)
We aimed to determine whether retinal microvascular changes in vessel calibers at baseline are associated with the future risk of developing the metabolic syndrome over 4 years in an adult cohort of Japanese individuals (n=90) who attended a health-screening program. Retinal vessel caliber was calculated as the central retinal artery equivalent and vein(More)
To examine the breathing rhythm-generating mechanism, effects of brain sectioning, immobilization, and electric stimulation on medullary respiratory activities were investigated in adult lampreys. The rostral part of the medulla (rostrally to the level of the caudal border of "internal acoustic pore") is not indispensable for breathing rhythm-generation.(More)
1. The effect of medullary stimulation on breathing movement was studied in the adult lamprey, Entosphenus japonicus. 2. A single, as well as low frequency (less than 5 Hz) pulses applied extracellularly to the medial part of the medulla (as shown in Fig. 1) produced one-to-one movement (contraction followed by relaxation) of branchial baskets, which are(More)
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