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In recent years, research on recommendation systems for software development has been actively conducted. The systems are mainly divided into know-how systems and know-who systems. The target of this study is education domain, and developers are university students. They are novice for software development and they leave the course after finishing it.(More)
Kampo, an empirically validated system of traditional Sino-Japanese medicine, aims to treat patients holistically. This is in contrast to modern medicine, which focuses in principle on treating the affected parts of the body of the patient. Kampo medicines formulated as combinations of crude drugs are prescribed based on a Kampo-specific diagnosis called(More)
The chaperonin GroEL assists protein folding in the presence of ATP and magnesium through substrate protein capsulation in combination with the cofactor GroES. Recent studies have revealed the details of folding cycles of GroEL from Escherichia coli, yet little is known about the GroEL-assisted protein folding mechanisms in other bacterial species. Using(More)
Chaperonin GroEL assists protein folding in the presence of ATP and magnesium. Recent studies have shown that several divalent cations other than magnesium induce conformational changes of GroEL, thereby influencing chaperonin-assisted protein folding, but little is known about the detailed mechanism for such actions. Thus, the effects of divalent cations(More)
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