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Even fervent adherents of business – IT alignment admit that the concept is not at all unambiguous, that no serious attempts have been made to make the concept more tangible and hence that it is questionable whether alignment in its actual meaning is viable or even makes a difference in an organisation’s performance over time. This papers redefines the(More)
Received: 2 August 2005 Revised: 19 September 2005 Accepted: 28 September 2005 Introduction We like to remember Claudio Ciborra (1951–2005) as a postmodern nomad tirelessly meandering through the academic world, at all times leaving a permanent mark wherever he stayed. Amsterdam was no exception to this rule. Over the more than 15 years that we knew him, he(More)
Globalization leads to an intensification of worldwide social relations linking distant localities (Giddens, 1990), which will result in greater cultural diversity in educational settings. This article is based on the premise that this diversity can be leveraged into enhanced learning capabilities, which, following Ashby’s law of requisite variety (1956),(More)