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In this paper, the design of varactor-based tunable matching networks for dynamic load modulation of high power amplifiers (PAs) is presented. Design guidelines to overcome the common breakdown, and tunability problems of the varactors for high power applications are proposed. Based on the guidelines, using commercially available abrupt junction silicon(More)
A new switch-mode power-amplifier (SMPA) topology particularly suitable for energy efficient amplification of RF pulsewidth modulation (RF-PWM) signals is derived. It is analytically shown that high efficiency can be maintained over a wide power dynamic range if the imaginary part of the Class-E load impedance is varied along with the duty cycle(More)
In this paper, a generic, wide-band switch mode power amplifier (SMPA) design approach is developed based on the continuous class-E modes theory. A watt level, 1.3-2.2 GHz SiGe BiCMOS class-E SMPA is realized for experimental verification. The prototype provides collector efficiencies higher than 70% and output power levels higher than 29 dBm across 1.3-2.2(More)
High power RF transmitters are essential components for enabling Basestations, Microwave, Boardcast systems. NXP is a leading RF Power supplier for more than 25 years, and our market share gain with volume. In principle, the market demands high power, high frequency and high efficiency with low thermal resistance: Efficiency larger than 30%, frequency in(More)
This paper presents results for a dynamic load modulation transmitter where an existing 1 GHz LDMOS power amplifier is combined with a varactor based tuneable load network to produce a dramatic efficiency improvement for modulated signals. The transmitter is combined with a dedicated linearization method to achieve an average PAE of 53% for a WCDMA signal(More)
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