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A series presenting the results of activities sponsored by the NA TO Science Committee, which aims at the dissemination of advanced scientific and technoiogicai knowiedge, with a view to strengthening links between scientific communities. Recent Volumes in this Series Volume 181—Fundamental Processes of Atomic Dynamics edited by J. No part of this book may(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and complications of percutaneous 18-gauge core biopsies of lesions of the bowel wall using CT and sonographic guidance. A retrospective study was made of 15 biopsy procedures performed on 12 patients with suspected neoplasia of the gastrointestinal tract. The biopsies were performed when(More)
Eight cases of aortic dissection with atypical CT appearances are described. Seven were clinical diagnoses, one was confirmed at operation. The findings were those of intramural haematoma, often crescentic and not necessarily compressing the aortic lumen. Evidence is presented to show that some intramural haematomas may subsequently develop ulceration,(More)
The objective of the current study was to examine the effect of pasteurization of waste milk, used to feed dairy calves, on the bacterial diversity of their lower gut. Using 16S rDNA bacterial tag-encoded FLX amplicon pyrosequencing, fecal samples from dairy calves, ages 1 wk to 6 mo old and fed either pasteurized or nonpasteurized waste milk, were analyzed(More)
Recently, focal fat collections adjacent to the intrahepatic portion of the inferior vena cava (IVC) have been described as a normal variant. We present seven similar cases, and demonstrate the computed tomographic and sonographic findings. The differential diagnosis is discussed. We believe that the origin of these masses has not yet been satisfactorily(More)
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging has proved useful in the evaluation of perianal and perirectal lesions resulting from Crohn disease. On T1-weighted MR images, sinus tracts and fistulas are hypointense due to their fluid content; on T2-weighted images, their signal intensity depends on their fluid content and the degree of surrounding fibrosis. Other(More)
AIM To determine whether the use of CO2 rather than air insufflation results in less pain and/or distension in patients undergoing small bowel meal (SBM) and pneumocolon (PC). MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred patients for SBM and PC were randomized to receive either air or carbon dioxide (CO2) as the insufflating gas. Both the patient and radiologist(More)
PURPOSE A prospective blinded randomized trial to compare oral sodium phosphate (NaP) solution with polyethylene glycol (PEG) preparations as bowel preparation prior to barium enema examination. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred and ten patients consented to take part and each patient was randomly assigned to receive either NaP (Oral Fleet Prep) or PEG(More)
Phaeochromocytoma is rare and usually presents as paroxysmal or sustained hypertension; none the less, it can also cause severe acute pulmonary oedema in normotensive individuals. Six patients with phaeochromocytoma presenting in Cornwall and West Devon between 1982 and 1986 are described. Five of them died of pulmonary oedema within 24 hours of the onset(More)
AIM To establish a "one-stop" dysphagia service in which a consultation, barium swallow and endoscopy can all be performed in the same hospital visit. MATERIALS AND METHODS In order to allow both barium swallow examination and endoscopy to be performed on the same day, a novel technique for clearing barium from the upper gastrointestinal tract was(More)