Riitta Ylitalo Möller

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Insensitivity to single odors, called specific anosmia, has been repeatedly reported in the literature. The main question of the present study was whether olfactory sensitivity is inducable in subjects with specific anosmia. For this reason the olfactory sensitivity of women with specific anosmia to the volatile steroid androstenone was investigated by(More)
Sound level, electrocardiogram, electromyogram, skin conductance, and respiration were recorded under field conditions in 33 airport area residents. During the rcordings, the subjects had to perform different activities (e.g., filling out forms, concentration test, noise assessment, relaxation, and direct conversation with the experimenter). The different(More)
BACKGROUND Until recently, the outcome of medical students' research projects has mainly been assessed in terms of scientific publications, whereas other results important for students' development have been less studied. The aim of this study was to investigate medical students' experiences of learning as an outcome of the research project course. METHOD(More)
BACKGROUND As total laryngectomy results in loss of airflow through the nose, one of the adverse effects for a majority of patients is the reduced or complete loss of olfactory function. However, with the introduction of a new method, the Nasal Airflow-Inducing Maneuver (NAIM), an important technique is available for laryngectomized patients to regain the(More)
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