Riitta Liisa Keiski

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In this article, the EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and its impact on Finnish waste management as related to WEEE will be discussed. This paper also describes the project of the Technology Industries of Finland known as AWARENESS, which focuses on how the WEEE directive influences the manufacturers and producers of(More)
Particulates emitted by diesel engines range between 1 nm and 10 μm, over 90 % being smaller than 1 μm. Particulates of this size have been found to be associated with several adverse health effects, such as pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases (Kittelson et al. 2002). Diesel particles contain soot, sulphate compounds and hydrocarbons such as polyaromatic(More)
This article describes a new photoacoustic FT-IR system capable of operating at elevated temperatures. The key hardware component is an optical-readout cantilever microphone that can work up to 200 °C. All parts in contact with the sample gas were put into a heated oven, incl. the photoacoustic cell. The sensitivity of the built photoacoustic system was(More)
Catalytic oxidation is a feasible and affordable technology for solvent emission abatement. However, finding optimal operation conditions is important, since they are strongly dependent on the application area of VOC incineration. This paper presents the results of the laboratory experiments concerning four most central parameters, that is, effects of(More)
This research work is focused on the processing of berries into fruit juices from the point of view of waste minimization and environmental best-practice technologies. Environmental best-practice technologies aim to satisfy consumer demands, while the production process is optimised in order to have the least impact on the environment. The optimisation(More)
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