Riidhei Malhotra

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Cloud computing is a recent trend in IT that moves computing and data away from desktop and portable PCs into large data centers. It refers to applications delivered as services over the Internet as well as to the actual cloud infrastructure — namely, the hardware and systems software in data centers that provide these services. Organizations use cloud(More)
Recently, numerous papers and applications combining Fuzzy Logic (FL) and Genetic Algorithms (GAs) have become known, and there is an increasing interest in the integration of these two topics. In this paper we explore this combination from the bidirectional integration: The use of FL based techniques for both improving GA behavior and modeling GA(More)
Financial service outlets such as ATMs are vulnerable to various attacks like shoulder surfing, data skimming, fake machines etc. Therefore these outlets are easy targets for attackers. In the current financial service transactions, there is no provision for users to verify genuineness of the financial service outlets like ATMs. Therefore users are forced(More)
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