Rihem Farkh

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In this paper, the Generalized Kharitonov Theorem for quasi-polynomials is exploited for the purpose of synthesizing a robust controller. The aim here is to develop a controller to simultaneously stabilize a given interval plant family with unknowing and bounded time delay. Using a constructive procedure based on HermiteÀBiehler theorem, we obtain all PI(More)
The problem of stabilizing a second-order delay system using classical proportional-integral-derivative PID controller is considered. An extension of the Hermite-Biehler theorem, which is applicable to quasipolynomials, is used to seek the set of complete stabilizing PID parameters. The range of admissible proportional gains is determined in closed form.(More)
—In this paper, we consider the control of time delay system by Proportional-Integral (PI) controller. By Using the Hermite-Biehler theorem, which is applicable to quasi-polynomials, we seek a stability region of the controller for first order delay systems. The essence of this work resides in the extension of this approach to second order delay system, in(More)
In this paper, a new approach to determine the entire set of stabilisng PI/PID parameters for time delay process with bounded uncertainties has been developed. Our method exploited a combination of the generalised Kharitonov theorem and the Hermit Biehler theorem extended for quasipolynomials to synthesise a robustly stabilising controller. By using a(More)
" Evaluation and optimization of innovative production systems of goods and services " ABSTRACT: In this paper, we propose a solution for the stabilizing problem of second order delay plant by Proportional-Integral (PI) controller. An extension of the Hermite-Biehler theorem, which is applicable to quasi-polynomials, is used to seek the stability region of(More)
— This paper presents an approach of stabilization and control of time invariant linear system of an arbitrary order that include several time delays. In this work, the stability is ensured by PI, PD and PID controller. The method is analytical and needs the knowledge of transfer function parameters of the plant. It permits to find stability region by the(More)
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