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PPARα and γ Activation Effects of New Nor-triterpenoidal Saponins from the Aerial Parts of Anabasis articulata.
Results suggest that the reported antidiabetic action of the isolated saponins may not solely involve the activation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ, and may be beneficial in the cardiovascular condition that is closely associated with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Expand
Triterpenes as uncompetitive inhibitors of α-glucosidase from flowers of Punica granatum L.
Kinetic study using the double Lineweaver–Burk plot revealed that ursolic acid uncompetitively inhibited α-glucosidase in comparison with acarbose as a competitive inhibitor. Expand
HCV-NS3/4A protease inhibitory iridoid glucosides and dimeric foliamenthoic acid derivatives from Anarrhinum orientale.
Four new compounds were isolated from the methanol extract of the aerial parts of Anarrhinum orientale and a computational docking study of the isolated compounds against HCV protease was used to formulate a hypothetical mechanism for the inhibitory activity of the active compounds on the enzymes tested. Expand
Anti-estrogenic activity of mansonone G and mansorin A derivatives
The phenolic hydroxyl group in mansonones and mansorins was not essential for binding to estrogen receptors, and acetyl mansonone G could represent a promising starting material for the synthesis of anti-estrogenic agents. Expand
Phytochemistry, hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of Euphorbia cooperi N. E. Br.
Exploring novel and effective therapies against liver damage with antioxidant activity is a point worth studying. The present study was aimed to evaluate the hepatoprotective and antioxidantExpand
"Antimicrobial activity and genetic variability between Agave cultivars using ISSR and SCoT analyses"
High level of polymorphism and a wide range of similarity values between accessions were demonstrated, with the highest similarity between A.angustifolia var. Expand