Rigoberto Flórez

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The generalized Hosoya triangle is an arrangement of numbers where each entry is a product of two generalized Fibonacci numbers. We define a discrete convolution 1 C based on the entries of the generalized Hosoya triangle. We use C and generating functions to prove that the sum of every k-th entry in the n-th row or diagonal of generalized Hosoya triangle,(More)
We construct a formal power series on several variables that encodes many statistics on non-decreasing Dyck paths. In particular, we use this formal power series to count peaks, pyramid weights, and indexed sums of pyramid weights for all nondecreasing Dyck paths of length 2n. We also show that an indexed sum on pyramid weights depends only on the size and(More)
Gordon introduced a class of matroids M(n), for prime n ≥ 2, such that M(n) is algebraically representable, but only in characteristic n. Lindström proved that M(n) for general n ≥ 2 is not algebraically representable if n > 2 is an even number, and he conjectured that if n is a composite number it is not algebraically representable. We introduce a new kind(More)
In a social network individuals have prominent centrality if they are intermediaries between the communication of others. The betweenness centrality of a vertex measures the number of intersecting geodesics between two other vertices. Formally, the betweenness centrality of a vertex v is the ratio of the number of shortest paths between two other vertices u(More)
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