Rigoberto Burgueno

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This technical note presents and evaluates a simple approach for estimating the degradation of bridge decks caused by chlorideinduced corrosion degradation. This approach uses the Monte Carlo method and combines a local deterministic mechanics-based model for predicting surface cracking time and a global probabilistic model for predicting a degradation(More)
This paper presents a finite element based numerical study on controlling the postbuckling behavior of thin-walled cylindrical shells under axial compression. With the increasing interest of various disciplines for harnessing elastic instabilities in materials and mechanical systems, the postbuckling behavior of thin-walled cylindrical shells may have a new(More)
The thermophysical properties of unsaturated polyester (UPE) nanocomposites reinforced by organo-montmorillonite clay nanoplatelets are reported. The organo-clay nanoplatelets were sonicated in acetone for 2 hours to be dispersed in the UPE matrix. Vacuum extraction removed not only the acetone but also the styrene present in the UPE solution. The same(More)
Physical processes like changes in ambient tem­ perature, pressure, material accumulation or growth induce stress/strain responses in structures (civil or biomechanical) that occur at frequencies ranging from Hz down to micro-Hertz (MHz). The quasi-static nature of this process poses a challenge for designing self-powered sensors that not only monitor these(More)
Geometric imperfection, known as a detrimental effect on the buckling load of cylindrical shells, has a new role under the emerging trend of using buckling for smart purposes. Eigenshape-based geometries were designed on the shell surface with the aim of tailoring the postbuckling response. Fourteen seeded geometric imperfection (SGI) cylinders were(More)
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