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The security system provides the ease to people in order to manage their mall easier and this system is concern on the security of each item. This system will provide not only the items identification but also the anti-theft security. Nowadays, each items produced have a barcode that is printed on its surface as product code. The old system seems not to(More)
A mobile robot for exploring disaster area in tropical region has been developed. It has capability to travel over a rough irregular terrain within disaster area and capable of performing a range of functions such as collecting samples and capturing images from the disaster scene. Furthermore, the robot is equipped with solar panel for extending the(More)
This paper presents a novel approach of modeling human driving behavior in a more realistic way that can be effectively utilized in realizing intelligent transportation systems to ensure efficient, safe, secure and human-friendly vehicle control and transportations. A number of supporting systems based on individual driving behavior are identified. The(More)
We present here a novel, cost-effective method for increasing and controlling the ortho-para H 2 (o-p H 2) conversion yield. First, we invoke two processes derived from fundamental, surface science insights, based on the effect of molecular orientation on the hydrogen-solid surface reaction, i.e., dynamical quantum filtering and steering, and apply them to(More)
Electrical properties of PECVD produced poly-Si photovoltaic layers on the various textured substrates showing the light trapping effect have been investigated using an AC-conductivity technique. From temperature dependence of electron (hole) conductivities using n-i-n (p-i-p) structures, the Fermi level of the poly-Si layer on the slightly textured(More)
This paper introduces the use of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to evaluate the insulation property of wide band gap insulators. An SEM may be used not only to observe a surface image but also to provide a fine electron beam for charging an uncoated-insulator surface at once. The charging can create an electric field distribution in the surface. The(More)
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