Rifat Edizkan

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The significance of detection and classification of power quality (PQ) events that disturbs the voltage and/ or current waveforms in the electrical power distribution networks is well known. Consequently, in spite of a large number of research reports in this area, the problem of PQ event classification remains to be an important engineering problem.(More)
Speech recognition is one of the fast moving research areas in pervasive services requiring human interaction. Like any type of pattern recognition system, selection of the feature extraction method and the classifier play a crucial role for speech recognition in terms of accuracy and speed. In this paper, an efficient wavelet based feature extraction(More)
In multi-class problems, within- and between-class scatters should be considered in classification criterion. The common vector approach (CVA) uses the discriminative information obtained from within-class scatter of any class. It has been shown that this classical CVA method gives high recognition rates in multi-class problems. In this study, improvements(More)
Face recognition can be described as identification of people from their face images. In this study, an automatic face recognition system has been designed by using frontal images photographed in our lab. The automatic face recognition procedure consists of an alignment process which includes face detection, eye detection, mapping of the center coordinates(More)
Position measurement is one of the primal problems in wide range of applications such as air/land/marine vehicles tracking, automation systems, and equipment tracking in medical sector, robotics and sensor networks. Location information in outdoor application can be easily obtained from well-known systems such as GPS and GLONASS. Since GPS signal is not(More)
In this work, we investigated performance improvement of the distributed Turkish continuous speech recognition system (TCSRS) with some well-known packet loss concealment (PLC) techniques. The PLC techniques, Lagrange, Spline and maximum a-posteriori (MAP) are applied to the sparse and burst packet losses in the system. The experimental results showed that(More)
Power quality events may result in interruption or malfunctioning of electrical equipments that are fed through the voltage line. Detection of such cases by monitoring the voltage waveform remains an important engineering problem. Pattern recognition and classification methods are used for both detection and classification of such events. Although several(More)
In this paper, a novel handwritten digit recognition system is proposed. The system consist of feature extraction, feature selection and classification stages. The features of digits are extracted by using the moment-based and structural-based methods. For the moment-based method, wavelet-based two-dimensional scaling moments (2-DSMs), which have uniquely(More)