Rifat Ara Najnin

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MicroRNAs play a pivotal role in regulating a broad range of biological processes, acting by cleaving mRNAs or by translational repression. A group of plant microRNAs are evolutionarily conserved; however, others are expressed in a species-specific manner. Jute is an agroeconomically important fibre crop; nonetheless, no practical information is available(More)
Proteins with Ankyrin repeat motifs (ANK) are found to be associated with diverse biological processes and molecular functions in most of the studied organisms. Several studies have been done on the ANK-motif containing proteins of various model species, but similar studies on their counterparts in brown algae are not available. In this study, we have(More)
Endophytes are plant-associated microbes that live within plants as an integral part of the host metabolism and function. This study aimed to identify the molecular and physiological characteristics of both culturable and non-culturable endophytic bacteria and fungi present in different parts of the jute (Corchorus olitorius) plant. Using universal primers(More)
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