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Convergent gene loss following gene and genome duplications creates single-copy families in flowering plants
The importance of gene gain through duplication has long been appreciated. In contrast, the importance of gene loss has only recently attracted attention. Indeed, studies in organisms ranging fromExpand
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Gene Duplicability of Core Genes Is Highly Consistent across All Angiosperms[OPEN]
Large-scale analysis of a set of core gene families shows that gene duplicability is surprisingly similar across 37 angiosperm genomes and independent whole-genome duplication events. GeneExpand
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MarkerMiner 1.0: A new application for phylogenetic marker development using angiosperm transcriptomes1
Premise of the study: Targeted sequencing using next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms offers enormous potential for plant systematics by enabling economical acquisition of multilocus data setsExpand
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COLOMBOS: Access Port for Cross-Platform Bacterial Expression Compendia
Background Microarrays are the main technology for large-scale transcriptional gene expression profiling, but the large bodies of data available in public databases are not useful due to the largeExpand
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Redundancy and rewiring of genetic networks following genome-wide duplication events.
Polyploidy or whole-genome duplication is a frequent phenomenon within the plant kingdom and has been associated with the occurrence of evolutionary novelty and increase in biological complexity.Expand
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Lack of GLYCOLATE OXIDASE1, but Not GLYCOLATE OXIDASE2, Attenuates the Photorespiratory Phenotype of CATALASE2-Deficient Arabidopsis1[OPEN]
Arabidopsis GOX1 and GOX2 have distinct roles under photorespiration-promoting conditions. The genes coding for the core metabolic enzymes of the photorespiratory pathway that allows plants withExpand
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Coordinated Functional Divergence of Genes after Genome Duplication in Arabidopsis thaliana[OPEN]
Genes that have been duplicated through whole-genome duplication events show mutual expression patterns in tip-growth tissues and aerial tissues of Arabidopsis thaliana and likely coordinatedExpand
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Conservation of Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay Complex Components Throughout Eukaryotic Evolution
Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) is an essential eukaryotic process regulating transcript quality and abundance, and is involved in diverse processes including brain development and plant defenses.Expand
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Reverse‐Engineering Transcriptional Modules from Gene Expression Data
Module networks are a framework to learn gene regulatory networks from expression data using a probabilistic model in which coregulated genes share the same parameters and conditional distributions. Expand
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