Rienk T. Jongma

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A pulsed beam of ground state OH radicals is slowed down using a Stark decelerator and is subsequently loaded into an electrostatic trap. Characterization of the molecular beam production, deceleration, and trap loading process is performed via laser induced fluorescence detection inside the quadrupole trap. Depending on the details of the trap loading(More)
We review stimulated emission pumping as used to study molecular dynamics. The review presents unimolecular as well as scattering studies. Topics include intramolecular vibrational redistribution, unimolecular isomerization and dissociation, van der Waals clusters, rotational energy transfer, vibrational energy transfer, gas-surface interactions,(More)
The ability to cool and manipulate atoms with light has yielded atom interferometry, precision spectroscopy, Bose-Einstein condensates and atom lasers. The extension of controlled manipulation to molecules is expected to be similarly rewarding, but molecules are not as amenable to manipulation by light owing to a far more complex energy-level spectrum.(More)
Neutral dipolar molecules can be decelerated and trapped using time-varying inhomogeneous electric fields. This has been demonstrated only for molecules in low-field seeking states, but can, in principle, be performed on molecules in high-field seeking states as well. Transverse stability is then much more difficult to obtain, however, since molecules in(More)
A neutral polar molecule experiences a force in an inhomogeneous electric field. This electric field can be designed such that a beam of polar molecules is exposed to a harmonic potential in the forward direction. In this potential the longitudinal phase-space distribution of the ensemble of molecules is rotated uniformly. This property is used to(More)
Sebastiaan Y. T. van de Meerakker Boris G. Sartakov, Allard P. Mosk, Rienk T. Jongma, and Gerard Meijer 1,3,4 FOM–Institute for Plasmaphysics Rijnhuizen, P.O. Box 1207, NL-3430 BE Nieuwegein, The Netherlands General Physics Institute RAS, Vavilov street 38, 119991 Moscow, Russia Department of Molecular and Laser Physics, University of Nijmegen, Toernooiveld(More)