Rien van de Weygaert

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In the past three decades our view and understanding of the structure and evolution of the universe has grown in an almost revolutionary fashion. The discovery of the rich variety of patterns displayed by the galaxy distribution, the discovery of streaming motions in the local universe, the detection of tiny variations in the temperature of the microwave(More)
Here we introduce the Delaunay Density Estimator Method. Its purpose is rendering a fully volume-covering reconstruction of a density field from a set of discrete data points sampling this field. Reconstructing density or intensity fields from a set of irregularly sampled data is a recurring key issue in operations on astronomical data sets, both in an(More)
We study the topology of the Megaparsec Cosmic Web in terms of the scale-dependent Betti numbers, which formalize the topological information content of the cosmic mass distribution. While the Betti numbers do not fully quantify topology, they extend the information beyond conventional cosmological studies of topology in terms of genus and Euler(More)
On megaparsec scales the Universe is permeated by an intricate filigree of clusters, filaments, sheets and voids, the Cosmic Web. For the understanding of its dynamical and hierarchical history it is crucial to identify objectively its complex morphological components. One of the most characteristic aspects is that of the dominant underdense Voids, the(More)
Despite a history that dates back at least a quarter of a century studies of voids in the large–scale structure of the Universe are bedevilled by a major problem: there exist a large number of quite different void–finding algorithms, a fact that has so far got in the way of groups comparing their results without worrying about whether such a comparison in(More)
We present a model for the distribution of void sizes and its evolution within the context of hierarchical scenarios of gravitational structure formation. For a proper description of the hierarchical buildup of the system of voids in the matter distribution, not only the voidin-void problem should be taken into account, but also that of the void-in-cloud(More)
We study the topology of the Megaparsec Cosmic Web on the basis of the Alpha Shapes of the galaxy distribution. The simplicial complexes of the alpha shapes are used to determine the set of Betti numbers (βk, k = 1, . . . , D), which represent a complete characterization of the topology of a manifold. This forms a useful extension of the geometry and(More)