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New treatments for Alzheimer's disease require early detection of cognitive decline. Most studies seeking to identify markers of early cognitive decline have focused on a limited number of measures. We sought to establish the profile of brain function measures which best define early neuropsychological decline. We compared subjects with subjective memory(More)
AIMS QEEG and neuropsychological tests were used to investigate the underlying neural processes in dyslexia. METHODS A group of dyslexic children were compared with a matched control group from the Brain Resource International Database on measures of cognition and brain function (EEG and coherence). RESULTS The dyslexic group showed increased slow(More)
Introduction. Operant conditioning of one's slow cortical potential (SCP) or sen-sorimotor rhythm (SMR) can be used to control epilepsy or to manipulate external devices, as applied in BCI (Brain-Computer Interface). A commonly accepted view that both SCP and SMR are reflections of central arousal suggests a functional relationship between SCP and SMR(More)
BACKGROUND In recent years several neuromodulation techniques have been introduced as interventions for addiction. AIM To review and discuss studies that have investigated the effects of treating addiction by means of electroencephalography (EEG) neurofeedback, real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (rt-fMRI) neurofeedback, transcranial magnetic(More)
The chronic toxicity of silver and endosulfan to the opossum shrimpMysidopsis bahia was determined using continuous-flow bioassays. The 28-day bioassays measured survival, fecundity, and growth (length and weight measurements). Maximum acceptable toxicant concentrations (MATC) were estimated from measured toxicant concentrations. MATC values were similar(More)
Since 1952 there have been a number of sharp changes in the rates of delivery, or in the ratios delivered, of several long-lived artificial radionuclides distributed worldwide from atmospheric nuclear tests. Analyses of these nuclides in suitably selected, and collected, aquatic sediment cores indicate several dated horizons that can yield more refined(More)
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