Rieko Ishii

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Frustrated magnetic materials, in which local conditions for energy minimization are incompatible because of the lattice structure, can remain disordered to the lowest temperatures. Such is the case for Ba(3)CuSb(2)O(9), which is magnetically anisotropic at the atomic scale but curiously isotropic on mesoscopic length and time scales. We find that the(More)
Single crystals of the quantum low-dimensional antiferromagnet Rb(4)Cu(MoO(4))(3) and the nonmagnetic analogue Ru(4)Zn(MoO(4))(3) have been synthesized by a flux-growth method. Detailed structural studies indicate that the Cu(II)-O network separated by a MoO(4) layer has a strongly anisotropic hybridization along the a-axis, forming a quasi-one-dimensional(More)
Single crystals of K(4)Cu(MoO(4))(3) and nonmagnetic K(4)Zn(MoO(4))(3) have been grown by the flux-growth method. K(4)Cu(MoO(4))(3) can be described as a quantum quasi-1-d antiferromagnet with correlations between neighboring Cu(2+) ions but no magnetic long-range ordering down to 0.4 K. Comparison of the structure and magnetic properties of isostructural(More)
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