Rieko Eguchi

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Haptoglobin (Hp) is a well-known acute-phase protein that possibly has influence on tumors through the immune response. This study was conducted to evaluate the correlation between Hp expression and the effect of treatment by cancer peptide vaccines in advanced castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) patients. Hp expression was measured by RT-PCR using(More)
Nonsusceptibility to Bombyx mori densovirus type 2 (BmDNV-2) is controlled by a recessive non-susceptibility gene, nsd-2 (non-susceptibility to DNV-2) in B. mori. Taking advantage of a lack of crossing over in females, reciprocal backcrossed F1 (BF1) progeny were used for linkage analysis and mapping of nsd-2 using silkworm strains C124 and 902, which are(More)
Epigenetic regulation is known to be important in embryonic development, cell differentiation and regulation of cancer cells. Molecular mechanisms of epigenetic modification have DNA methylation and histone tail modification such as acetylation, phosphorylation and ubiquitination. Until now, many kinds of enzymes that modify histone tail with various(More)
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