Rieke Lohse

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A novel approach for biological control of insect pests could be the use of the endophytic entomopathogenic Beauveria bassiana isolate ATP-02. For the utilization of the endophyte as a commercial biocontrol agent, the fungus has to be mass-produced. B. bassiana was raised in shake flask cultures to produce high concentrations of total spores (TS), which(More)
A case of malacoplakia of the prostate gland in a 75-year-old man is reported. This special type of granulomatous prostatitis was diagnosed by histological examination of biopsyn material. There were typical Michaelis-Gutmann corpusculates within the inflammation area. The structure of these inclusion bodies was investigated by electron microscopy.(More)
Optimum conditions for the production of pullulan by Pullularia pullulans were elaborated by examinating growth and production with different carbohydrates and mixtures of carbohydrates. With starch hydrolysates or mixtures of starch and simple sugars, p.e. glucose or saccharose, better results were achieved than with simple sugars alone or with starch.(More)
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