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We describe a prenatally diagnosed case with congenital infantile fibrosarcoma, which is a rare malignant tumor, of which there have been only 14 cases reported in the English literature. A giant mass on the left thigh was detected at 24 weeks' gestation by prenatal ultrasonography. Because of its rapid growth and nonreassuring fetal status in utero, the(More)
The aim of this study was to collect data on chronological changes in clinical laboratory tests, pathological examinations, and hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes from Wistar Hannover rats at 8, 10, 19, and 32 weeks of age. The serum triglyceride concentration and the serum LDL cholesterol level were higher in males than in females at all ages. In contrast,(More)
The aim of this study was to collect data on immunological parameters from Wistar Hannover rats at 8, 10, 19, and 32 weeks of age. Low leukocyte parameter cell counts, serum globulin concentration, and T, B, and NK lymphocyte counts in peripheral blood at each time point; low T, B, and NK splenocyte counts; and high, or tendencies toward high, thymocyte(More)
We present a case of fulminant neonatal sepsis caused by nontypable Haemophilus influenzae and discuss some potential prevention measures. A 33-year-old pregnant woman delivered a 1,166 g male neonate at 27 weeks and 2 days of gestation. He died 5 hours after birth. Haemophilus influenzae was isolated from the amniotic fluid, maternal vaginal discharge,(More)
We report a case of marked elevation of the procalcitonin level in umbilical blood and neonatal blood at birth. The mother did not perceive fetal motion. Antepartum fetal heart rate monitoring showed a loss of variability and absence of acceleration. No fetal breathing movement, fetal movement, or fetal tone were observed by ultrasonography. The female(More)
BACKGROUND Propylthiouracil (PTU) might theoretically be preferred over methimazole (MMI) during breast-feeding because of its lower milk/serum concentration ratio (0.1 vs. 1.0). The problem is that Graves' disease often relapses during the postpartum period, and high doses of PTU are sometimes needed to control maternal hyperthyroidism) during(More)
AIM Intrapartum fetal bradycardia necessitates immediate operative delivery. Our aim was to investigate the hypothesis that some non-reassuring fetal heart rate (FHR) patterns were present before the onset of terminal bradycardia in infants who developed subsequent brain damage. MATERIAL AND METHODS From a population-based study of 65,197 deliveries, 190(More)
We assessed the post-natal thyroid function in eight infants of mothers with Graves' disease whose thyroid function at birth was suppressed by maternal ingestion of propylthiouracil during pregnancy. These mothers continued taking propylthiouracil after delivery and breast-fed exclusively (two mothers supplemented their breast milk with a small amount of(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to clarify the mortality and long-term outcomes of extremely low-birthweight infants according to the process of maternal or infant transport and indications for maternal transport. MATERIAL AND METHODS We conducted a population-based study between 2005 and 2009. The collected data included the process and indications for(More)
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