Rie Ohuchi

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A series of phenoxypropanolamines having a hydrazinopyridazinyl moiety was synthesized. Their hypotensive and beta-blocking activities were evaluated after intravenous administration of the compounds to anesthetized rats. Some of them exhibited both activities. In particular, compound 20k is a candidate for clinical use due to its hypotensive activity,(More)
A quantitative analysis of seven components of 17-KS in human urine was successfully carried out by GCMS. The sample including deuterated 17-KS was introduced into TMS derivatives by BSTFA in pyridine. The derived TMS derivatives were analysed using the GC-MS system equipped with the column of 0.5% NPGS Chromosorb W AW DMCS, and the temperature was(More)
Optical isomers of TZC-1370 (1) were prepared from (R)- and (S)-1-(2-chlorophenoxy)-2,3-epoxypropane. When given intravenously to anesthetized rats, the (S)-isomer was about 40 times more potent in terms of beta-blocking activity than the (R)-isomer, while their hypotensive activities were equipotent with that of the racemic compound, TZC-1370.
A series of hydrazinopyridazine derivatives combined with a beta-blocking side chain were synthesized. When they were given intravenously to anesthetized rats, some of them exhibited both hypotensive and beta-blocking activities. Their structure-activity relationships for hypotensive and beta-blocking activities are discussed. Compound 11c had the best(More)
We confirmed that sugar-induced cell death (SICD) occurs in the bottom fermenting yeast Saccharomyces pastorianus under anaerobic conditions and that mitochondrial DNA is only partly required for SICD. Fermentation tests using different ratios of glucose and non-glucose nutrients demonstrated that SICD is influenced by the balance between these nutrients.
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