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The aim of this study was to assess a method for measuring epicardial fat volume (EFV) by means of a single-slice area measurement. We investigated the relation between a single-slice fat area measurement and total EFV. A series of 72 consecutive patients (ages 65 ± 11 years; 36 men) who had undergone cardiac computed tomography (CT) on a 64-slice(More)
We have examined sequence variability among nine isolates of hop stunt viroid (HSVd) collected from hop gardens in Tohoku district in Japan, the only area in the world where hop stunt disease is endemic. Six different consensus and one-consensus sequences as well as 12 sequence variants were detected in the nine HSVd-hop isolates, which suggested the(More)
The staging of endometrial cancer requires surgery which carries the risk of morbidity. FDG PET/CT combined with anatomical imaging may reduce the number of unnecessary lymphadenectomies by demonstrating the risk of extrapelvic infiltration. The purpose of this study was to optimize FDG PET/CT diagnostic criteria for risk assessment in endometrial cancer(More)
A new miniature membrane oxygenator (Kuraray KMO, size, 0.3 m2, with a priming volume of 47 ml, compliance of less than 0.1 ml/100 mmHg, and pressure loss of 45 mmHg) with improved gas transfer and mechanical durability was developed and tested. The membrane material is a hollow fiber double layer polyolefin. The testing procedures determined by the AAMI(More)
PURPOSE To compare the morphology and minimum apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values among breast cancer subtypes. METHODS Ninety-three patients, who underwent breast MRI and collectively had 98 pathologically proven invasive carcinomas, were enrolled. Morphology was evaluated according to BIRADS-MRI. Minimum ADC was measured. Morphology and minimum(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article is to examine the feasibility of whole-body joint MRI for detecting systemic joint synovitis and for analyzing the relationship between the hands and systemic joint involvement in patients with unclassified arthritis who later develop early rheumatoid arthritis (RA). MATERIALS AND METHODS The study included 17(More)
A 62-year-old man was referred to us after unsuccessful treatment of bilateral weakness in his upper and lower extremities with paresthesia in both lower extremities. Computed tomography (CT) revealed soft tissue masses in the left kidney along the capsule and paraaortic region that were of relatively low attenuation with accompanying granular(More)
The authors developed a new membrane oxygenator (MO) for long-term respiratory support and evaluated its performance in animal experiments for as long as 336 hr. The MO, with a membrane area of 1.2 m2 and priming volume of 140 ml, is compact and designed to be interposed in a ventricular assist system (VAS) conduit. It is made with a novel hollow fiber(More)
To determine whether the preoperative pancreatic apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) can be used to predict the development of postoperative pancreatic anastomotic failure (PAF). We retrospectively examined the cases of 79 patients who underwent pancreatic head resection between January 2010 and October 2013. The patients underwent 1.5-T MR imaging(More)