Ridha Ferdhiana

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A lot of tropical disease cases that occurred in Indonesia are reported online in Indonesian news portals. Online news portals are now becoming great sources of information because online news articles are updated frequently. A rule-based, combined with machine learning algorithm, to identify the location of the cases has been developed. In this paper, a(More)
With the rapid maturity of internet and web technology over the last decades, the number of Indonesian online news articles is growing rapidly on the web at a pace we never experienced before. In this paper, we introduce a combination of rule-based and machine learning approach to find the sentences that have tropical disease information in them, such as(More)
In this paper, we examine an algorithm to update n-grams word dictionary (thesaurus) and evaluate its effectiveness in binary classification problem. The thesaurus is used as a reference to generate the numerical feature attributes of web pages. Generally, the n-grams word dictionary is built once using a set of training data and its content is never(More)
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