Ridha Ben Salah

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We report the conjugation of the natural lipid squalene (SQ) with a small interfering RNA (siRNA), against the junction oncogene RET/PTC1, usually found in papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). The acyclic isoprenoid chain of squalene has been covalently coupled with siRNA RET/PTC1 at the 3'-terminus of the sense strand via maleimide-sulfhydryl chemistry.(More)
In this work, a computer aided diagnosis system is proposed to classify the Impedance Cardiography signals ‘ICG’ into two groups which are normal and abnormal. The ICG signals are denoised by using the discrete wavelet transform DWT ‘db8’ in order to eliminate different kinds of artifacts. Then, each ICG signal is decomposed into(More)
In this paper, we present a novel approach for temporal covariance analysis of gated studies in a sequence of scintigraphic cardiac images taken throughout the cardiac cycle. Indeed, the covariance function is used as a measure of functional similarity for dynamic analysis of the input image sequence. The originality of our approach resides essentially in(More)
The aim of this study is to denoise the bioimpedance signal and to calculate cardiovascular parameters from the thoracic cardiovascular signal. To achieve these goals, we present a de-noising operation that remove noise without losing or reducing the bioimpedance signal. After that, we have designed an algorithm determine and pick-up some cardiovascular(More)
The diversity of machines and the complexity of the technique of MRI imaging require protocols of quality control. These protocols are generally realised with a lot of phantoms. However, these operations of quality control require a lot of time. In order to reduce these operations and save time, we realise a multitask phantom. The phantom is constructed(More)
The purpose for researchers in medical electronics field, in signal processing and information field is to provide powerful and low-cost systems to help doctors to make his specific spots. In this paper, a biomedical monitoring system is proposed based on LabVIEW FPGA. This monitoring system has the advantage to acquire and analyze several physiological(More)
Several studies have been performed on medical signal processing with the aim of enriching the table in diagnosis of heart disease. These signals include the ECG signal (electrocardiogram), ICG signal (impedance cardiogram), Doppler signal, phonocardiogram signal. However, the majority of the work in this area remains targeted on a specific signal type and(More)
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