Ridha Ben Abdennour

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This article presents a new approach of systematic determination of models base for the multimodel approach. The application of this approach requires, first, to classify a numeric data by exploiting the self-adapting artificial Kohonen neural-networks. The obtained data relative to the clusters are then exploited for both structural and parametric(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for the systematic determination of the model's base of time varying delay system. This method based on the construction of the classification data related to the considered system. The number, the orders, the time delay and the parameters of the local models are generated automatically without any knowledge about(More)
The variable structure control is principally characterized by its robustness with respect to the system’s modeling uncertainties and external disturbances (Decarlo et al. (1988); Filippov (1960); Lopez & Nouri (2006); Utkin (1992)). Sliding Mode Systems are a particular case of the Variable Structure Systems (VSS). They are feedback systems with(More)
Abstract. This paper deals with the state estimation of discrete-time nonlinear systems subject to delayed output measurements. These systems are represented in each operating zone by a specific model with the appropriate dimension that describes accurately the system behavior. The simulation results show clearly that the proposed multi-observer leads to(More)