Rico Zumbrunnen

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A sensitive and highly automated high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) column-switching method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of the active metabolite III and its prodrug II, both derivatives of the oral platelet inhibitor Ro 48-3657 (I), in plasma and urine of man and dog. Plasma samples were deproteinated with perchloric(More)
In an open design, randomised, two-way cross-over study, a single 2 mg i.v. dose and a single 30 mg oral dose of flumazenil were each administered to a group of healthy young (n=6) and elderly (n=12) volunteers (male: female 2/1). Plasma samples were collected at intervals and intact drug was assayed. Both the IV and oral doses of flumazenil were very well(More)
We introduce a version of operational set theory, OST, without a choice operation, which has a machinery for ∆0 separation based on truth functions and the separation operator, and a new kind of applicative set theory, so-called weak explicit set theory WEST, based on Gödel operations. We show that both the theories and Kripke-Platek set theory KP with(More)
Heart transplantation confronts the patient with major physical, psychological and social demands, both before and after the operation. Psychological adjustment with these stressors requires effective coping abilities. In most cardiac transplant units, a liaison psychiatrist or a psychologist is associated to the cardiosurgery team, in order to provide the(More)
A sensitive and selective HPLC-column switching method with single quadrupole mass spectrometric detection was developed for the simultaneous determination of the oral platelet aggregation inhibitor Sibrafiban (double protected prodrug), its prodrug and the active metabolite in rat, dog, and human plasma. The three analytes together with their(More)