Rico Hjerm Hansen

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There has recently been considerable interest in the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) as a technology for the implementation of small quantum computers. These computers operate by the laws of quantum mechanics, rather than classical mechanics and can be used to implement new quantum algorithms. Here we describe how NMR in principle can be used to(More)
The Wavestar Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is a multiple absorber concept, consisting of 20 hemisphere shaped floats attached to a single platform. The heart of the Wavestar WEC is the Power Take-Off (PTO) system, converting the wave induced motion of the floats into a steady power output to the grid. In the present work, a PTO based on a novel discrete(More)
This paper deals with the development of a magnetic lead screw (MLS) for wave energy conversion. Initially, a brief state of the art regarding linear permanent-magnet generators and MLSs is given, leading to an introduction of the MLS and a presentation of the results from a finite-element analysis used to find the magnetic forces. Furthermore, the force(More)
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